A Right-Wing Energy Crisis

Honestly, I’m starting to wonder how long it will be before the rage-fuel runs out.  Why?  Because that’s what the wingnuts are running on — rage.  And rage, particularly rage for no reason, burns up a lot of energy.  In humans, energy requires fuel. 

Unfortunately for the rest of us, up until now many right-wingers would accept any bullshit at all as fuel as long as the right person fed it to them.  That they are still doing so is evidenced by at least one video of Sarah Palin’s followers trying to elucidate:

(1) why they love her so much, and

(2) how Obama is harming the country, and

(3) Palin’s answers for all the problems Obama is causing.

To make a long, painful story short, these people had no idea and no answers; they were as clueless as the attendees at any tea-party party.  To them She Who Has Done Nothing (Wrong) is their protector, their voice, their mother, their sister, their spouse, a potential girlfriend, a goddess, or maybe just the latest pin-up girl.  Pin-up girls never last, so I suspect it’s mostly that.

And of course they blamed the questioners for ambushing them.  More anger.  Great.  (I will not post a link to the Palin-lovers video here because frankly, it was so cringe-worthy I could barely watch it.)

I suspect true rage addicts are a distinct minority, just as terrorists and their sympathizers are in any society.  The rest of us (possibly including most of the right wing) can only take rage in little dribs and drabs without instantly developing blood pressure problems.  But that offers little consolation because the hard-core Palinbots are these days being awarded a far louder voice than their numbers would normally require.

Another observation: remember when I said my landlord was constantly walking around with a large radio on him, blasting the Rush Limbaugh radio show?  He’s in the building today, and there’s no radio.  In fact, there hasn’t been in the last few weekdays.  That may say something, and I hope it’s more than just that the radio is broken.  Could it be that even Rush (or one of his substitutes, as he’s likely taken the week off and is well into his first Thanksgiving turkey of the day by now) gets to be tedious after a while if one is not a true rage addict? 

For me the Fat Man gets to be tedious within 30 seconds, but I’m talking about those who actually listen to hours upon hours of this crap day after day.  Is there a point where it gets to be too much for some of them and they have to switch the dial to easy-listening music?   And is the number of dial-switchers growing?  And what happens if the peripheral crowd drops away from the rage thing?  You’ve got it — a wingnut energy crisis.

The vast majority of us have already switched the dial, or were never listening to start with.  What I’m really wondering is if a large portion the vast minority of rage addicts who have been supporting these wingnut champions are now sick of it and ready for something new.  You know, like sanity and common sense.

Like I said, I’m seeing mere glimmers of hope.  At least there is hope, and maybe as the years go by and Obama continues to do none of those nasty things the wingnut lords are claiming he’s doing, more eyes will open.

Keep your fingers crossed with me, will you?

And in closing, here’s a special-edition Stupid of the Day Award for anyone who admires Sarah Palin.  Take a bow, Stupid!

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