The real threat of 2012

It isn’t what you think.  It’s this.  (Update: the link no longer leads anywhere.  Sorry ’bout that; just found out that this video has been removed due to a copyright claim by NBC — anyway it was a very funny video about a Palin/Beck ticket winning the Presidency in 2012, and the apocalypse that would ensue.)

And for a great analysis of what Palin actually is and represents, read this.    (Link still okay as of 1/7/10)

Excellent as this article is, though, I don’t totally agree with Chopra that Palin is a has-been and we’ve nothing to fear from her except fearing her.  She isn’t a has-been because the media don’t want her to be.  Perhaps this is because the media really do want this country to crash and burn (what a great story!), and Palin represents the best hope for that.  Then again, so did Bush, and somehow we just about survived 8 years of him.  Sorta, anyway.

Out there in the real world, it’s probably true that Palin will never even come close to the Oval Office.  But in cyber-land and media city, well, it’s another story.  They’re trying very, very hard to create a horrifying reality.

The events of the next few years will tell us who’s in control.  Is it us — the majority of people who want nothing to do with her — or a bunch of media thugs aiming to chase an ambulance with all of the U.S. in it?  Stay tuned.  And don’t take Palin off your radar just yet.

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