Whatever Lieberman is, I’m against it

I’m Against It
(Groucho Marx)

No surprise, the Oreo-cookie Democrat Joe Lieberman is against healthcare.  As I’ve long been thinking, it’s high time we were against Joe Lieberman. 

I’m against him on the grounds that he’s fundamentally a damn liar.  It would be okay for him to be a damn liar (politicians are generally like that) if he had any other redeeming qualities — that is, if he weren’t lying for the status quo — but he hasn’t, and he is nothing but a damn liar.  Others are against him on the grounds that he’s fundamentally a fundamentalist, but I can’t find evidence of him being fundamentally anything but a damn liar. 

I have a good one: how about being against him because he’s becoming a one-man barrier stopping U.S. citizens from achieving what most of us want, which is common-sense healthcare reform?  All I wish him is a terrifying dream, kind of like Scrooge had on Christmas Eve, with particular emphasis on the future.  If he continues to be a barrier, sooner or later he will have no political future, which seems to be his worst nightmare.  So, Ghost of Holiday Future, visit Joe Lieberman fast.

As for the Republicans’ opposition to healthcare, we all know it is bought and paid for by the healthcare industry.  But I thought I’d clarify it all by…um…re-quoting something one of them said:

Actual quote:  

“We do not believe this bill, this nearly 2,100-page monstrosity, is real health care reform,” (Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky).

My clarification:

“We haven’t read this nearly 2,100 page monstrosity because we’ve already decided there is no need for healthcare reform.  Maybe if we lose our campaign funding from the healthcare industry we’ll look at reform.  Meantime let’s put out a one-page Patients’ Bill of Rights and have a teabagger rally about government spending that started with the Obama administration even though it didn’t. ”

No big surprise, today’s Stupid of the Day award goes to the Senate Republicans, including Joe Lieberman.