Keith Olbermann says it all here and here.

Too bad the censors would have been all over him if he had used the actual language that is strong enough to be appropriate regarding this abomination of a health care “reform” bill.

As it is, though, I second Olbermann in calling Lieberman a whore.  Actually that word is too good for this asshole.  I wish Liebermann nothing but the worst.  My message to him: May you ROT, Mr. Lieberman.  I don’t even think I hated Dick Chaney as much as I hate you, and that’s a pretty hard thing to achieve.  Go to hell, Lieberman, if they will have you.

Oh, by the way I DIDN’T VOTE FOR YOU but I CAN HELP END YOUR SORRY CAREER.  I’ll join every anti-Lieberman organization I can, even give money I really can’t afford to give to those organizations in the effort to end your sorry career.  Now go away and rot. 

If nothing else, judging by his actions over the past decade, Lieberman appears to be extremely unstable, a la Sarah Palin.  That makes him unfit for office.  In that case, here’s another message: time for a rest, darling.  Or if you want, you can just crawl under a rock and rot.  Whatever you do, get the hell out of our faces.

Back to the subject of what this whore has foisted on us, I’m also with Olbermann when he says “no sale.”  As in (if you have not watched the videos yet): NO PUBLIC OPTION, NO MANDATORY HEALTH INSURANCE.  PERIOD.  Fucking PERIOD.

The bitch Karen Ignoramous and all the rest do NOT deserve our money, they do NOT deserve a permanent government bail-out, and they do NOT deserve to, in effect, levy taxation without representation on the people of the U.S.

Get it?  No Lieberman.  No Ignoramous.  NO SALE.

Just to try to calm down, here’s some humor to indulge in (click on name):