Things last week taught me

Here’s what I learned from various aspects of far-out wingnutland last week:

(1) The most important idea of the Bible is that slaves should not rebel against their masters (P. Robertson).  So you get earthquake.

(2) The Vatican obviously believes that it’s okay to worship statues, but not nature.  Even if Avatar has absolutely nothing to do with either of those.  So you get headache.

(3) George Washington was a Founding Father (S. Palin).  Actually he did not sign the Declaration of Independence, though, so the case can be made that he was not a Founding Father and/or that his was the only name Wingnut Barbie could think of offhand.  So you get stupid.

(3a) Glenn Beck is remarkably creepy (my notion, which is the only one in this list that happens to be true).  So you get the willies.

(4) Obama caused the Haitian earthquake so he could use it as a political tool (Fat Man).  So you get…well, see above.  (This notion is too creepy for words…but then again, the Fat Man is often like that.)

(5) Blagojevich claims he was born a poor black boy, for which he apologizes even though it was an obvious, ridiculous lie, and then calls a woman the “c” word, which he won’t apologize for.  So you get asshole.

Yes they all qualify for a Stupid of the Day award, and a few have been awarded that distinction, but heck..that’s enough for one week.  In fact, at the rate it’s going, I’m very much afraid that 2010 may overflow with Stupid and at some point I may be handing out awards every friggin’ day. 

So I’ll put the brakes on right now and just call it another week in paradise.

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