Quite simply the best post I’ve ever read about Sarah Palin. Period.

It’s here.  (Click on “here” for the link….well maybe not, or maybe so.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.)

It’s not only a brilliant analysis of the disaster that almost was, but also of the 60,000,000 or so who voted for the McCain/Palin (or Palin/McCain) ticket, and of the Repug party, McCain himself, the Democrats, and almost everything else that happened in 2008…and since, for that matter.

I have to add that unless there is some dramatic turnaround, I am no longer worrying about Palin ever becoming President.  Even some of the slack-jaws at Fox News seem to be taking pot-shots at her — no surprise is that the megalomaniac Glenn Beck is among them.  And that brings me to the point:

Glenn Beck quite inadvertently highlighted the lie that Palin told us when she complained about how meeeeaaaaan Katie Couric was to ask that damn “gotcha” question: what do you read?  (What?  Pit-Bull Barbie is afraid of a lil’ ol question?)  Couric didn’t get much of an answer, possibly because there isn’t much of an answer.  Ditto for Beck when he asked Palin who her favorite founding father was.  She just sat there like a deer in headlights, hedging for several moments about liking them all before settling on George Washington, who technically wasn’t among them.

I’m sure she has cried “gotcha question” about that by now, but heck…when even the Teabag Network is asking simple questions that you can’t answer, Honey, then you’d better start looking in the mirror for the problem and stop whining about everyone else.  And the problem here is that Palin is dumb.  Just plain dumb.  She has lived her whole life depending on being a pretty girl and a nasty little bully, but as Bush showed us, in the end it’s not enough to make a good President (although I admit he may have done better if he’d had even a shred of the “pretty girl” part).  No amount of plastic surgery is going to cover up the fact that Palin’s brain is largely nonfunctional, and neither is being nasty and whiny whenever her feelings get hurt — which is, by the way, something that happens quite a lot to Presidents.

It’s time to give it up, but I wager she won’t.  And so the possibility of her running for President still looms.  She is, after all, firmly associated with a group of broadcasters — Beck, Hannity, Coulter, the Fat Man, Weiner, and others — who are apparently the only people in the U.S. who have complete freedom of speech.  The Fat Man in particular has routinely said a lot of things that have ended the careers of other broadcasters who were dumb enough to say the same things — and he’s still there, puffing away on both ends on the radio, totally untouched.  A classic bully.  Just like Palin, only she’s not as good at it yet. 

With Palin once in a while the barbs hit some skin, and as I said, her skin is notoriously flimsy.  Doubt it?  Then ask her which is her favorite article of the Bill of Rights, or something like that, and let us know what her reaction is once she gets past the glassy-stare part.  Then listen very closely to what she says about you later.  This is a woman who will never get past the notion that being pretty and squeaking “pro life” and “faimlee values” and babbling about God in a cutesy, horrendous accent are enough to make a good President.  And you can betcha she gets damn angry –  no AINgree — whenever anyone exposes the truth.

Because Palin is so dumb, someone recently pointed out that if she actually ran for President the event would be a source of endless comedy.  I agree.  And I also now agree that there’s no way she’d be elected without a Teabag army threatening everyone who entered the polls.  Not that that couldn’t happen, but it probably won’t.

So I’m no longer terribly worried about her doing any real damage.  But am I annoyed?  Yes — but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.  To get to the bottom of that one, I guess I’d have to understand why McCain put her on his Presidential ticket, and there seems to be no answer for that at all.