And now for an irregularly scheduled Illinois rant…

A Chicago newspaper and an Alaskan blogger beat me to it, but I just have to mention the newest addition to the rogue’s gallery in Illinois.  Welcome to the pigpen, Scott Lee Cohen!

Mr. “I Never Touched Her” Pawnbroker never touched his previous massage therapist/prostitute/girlfriend, but he did apparently leave a superficial knife wound on her throat.  This was just after his ex-wife had obtained an order of protection against him.  NICE guy. 

Kudos to the Illinois Democratic Party for somehow not noticing this bit of information before they put this jerk on the ballot.  And here’s an equal shout-out to the voters who gave him the nod for Lieutanant Governor in the primary.  Folks, this puts you all in a category with the woebegone Illinois Republican Party…you know, that parade of pink pachyderms that thought to import Alan Keyes to run against that other black guy in the Senate race a few years back…you know, that election before the Presidential election where the other black guy got elected President? Yeah, well these morons thought Keyes was a good idea!  And now you’re just as bad as they are, even with your Machine to protect you. 

Enjoy your Stupid of the Day award, dumb-asses.

And now I’ll go back to writing my Republican vocabulary.  But be assured, Democrats, that you won’t be spared.