A brief note to Palin: HUH?

Just read this on the Immoral Minority; it is taken from a Fox News interview with Mrs. Palin just before her Teabagger speech:

Q: You really want to get involved in the primary process?

PALIN: Absolutely, because I do want competition to allow the cream of the crop to rise.

ME: What the hell does that mean?  Doesn’t cream rise by itself anymore?

There are a lot of statements in the rest of the interview that I honestly can’t even read.  Who could possibly believe in this woman?  Oh yeah…the same people who want to believe that the Constitution and the Ten Commandments are the same, and who apparently haven’t read either.

I’d say that based on the events of this past week, Mrs. Palin should be finished.  But alas, it’s Rahm Emmanuel whose future is being discussed.

We must already be living in Wingnut Paradise (see previous post).

(P.S. No Stupid of the Day Award here.  Mrs. Palin already has the Lifetime Achievement Award in that category.)

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