The New Vocabulary for the Whachmacallit Wing

Here are some definitions for those of us lurking in-between the extremes.  I found this project a bit daunting; may be adding more to it as I think of more things.

death panel
Right Wing — something about Obamacare, it doesn’t have to be real
Left Wing — something about Obamacare that isn’t real
Whachmacallit Wing — something that Palin did in Alaska and health insurance companies do every day

retarded (also “retard”)
Right Wing — satire (if spoken by Limbaugh or Palin), blasphemy (if spoken by anyone who is not a card-carrying teabagger)
Left Wing — WTF
Whachmacallit Wing — WTF

Right Wing — what you call it if Palin gets asked a mean question she can’t answer
Left Wing — a source of constant amusement
Whachmacallit Wing — proof that Sarah is a retard

you betcha
Right Wing — an endearing Palinism
Left Wing — an enduring irritation
Whachmacallit Wing — crap is it that woman again?

hope and change
Right wing — you better hope things don’t change, you Nazi Socialist Communist liberal progressive baby-killer!
Left wing — continue to support the concept of hope and change over the no-idea of no-hope and no-change
Whachmacallit Wing — love the slogan; wish it meant something

Right Wing — Patriot!  True American!
Left Wing — a threat to all we hold dear
Whachmacallit Wing — moron

Right Wing — was written by Jesus just like the Ten Commandments
Left Wing — studies it at university
Whachmacallit Wing — wonders if anyone has actually read it..or the Ten Commandments, for that matter

healthcare reform
Right Wing — a threat to our freedom; a political football
Left Wing — a threat to our freedom if it becomes a mere political football and is not enacted
Whachmacallit Wing — at this point, WTF

Right Wing — life is a cherished right that stops at the moment of birth
Left Wing — a threat to women
Whachmacallit Wing — “keep your Bible off my uterus”

separation of church and state
Right Wing — not clear on the concept
Left Wing — if not maintained, our way of life is threatened
Whachmacallit Wing — see?  we told you so

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Fox News, Limbaugh and the right-wing radio brigade
Right Wing — a meeting of the minds of tremendous import
Left Wing — proof that there is no god
Whachmacallit Wing — “Send in the clowns…don’t bother, they’re here”

Right Wing — Obama caused it, and/or Clinton caused it
Left Wing — where was George Bush?
Whachmacallit Wing — on vacation

bail out
Right Wing — Obama did it!
Left Wing — Bush did it!
Whachmacallit Wing — where’s mine?

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