Update: The Little Town Still Struggles

This is just an update, since a few folks seem to be interested: I’ve been following the situation in Niles, Illinois and it seems there is a new wrinkle.

Sometime during the sentencing for fraud of Nicholas Blase, the former mayor of the town, it emerged that other people in town government were involved and this possibly includes persons in the police department and in the building code enforcement department.  If this has gotten your interest, read my post of a few days ago and tell me if my previous information and guesses weren’t completely on the mark.

Gosh.  Well, look at it this way: at least Blase is now too old to run for governor — or worse, President — like someone we know in Alaska who did and may.  But seriously…

I knew just from local gossip that the FBI was far from finished with Niles, but I never expected things to move so quickly, nor something like this to come out of a sentencing hearing.  Stay tuned, folks.  The fun may be just beginning.

P.S. For the whole gory story, read this.  (This link posted here on 2/9/10; read asap before they take it down.)

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