Note to Bristol Palin:

Why isn’t Rush Limbaugh a heartless jerk, darling?  Or are there two different definitions of the word “satire?”  Or maybe the meaning changes depending on who you’re talking about?  Or maybe it’s just what they’re saying?

If that’s the case, you should know that actually Rahm Emmanuel didn’t call anyone a “retard” but Rush Limbaugh did, and no one on “Family Guy” said anything about “retard.”  Also, “Family Guy” (as much as I actually hate that show), is actually satire, darling — that’s why the show exists.  I wasn’t aware that the same was true of Limbaugh.  I thought he was just an asshole.  Is there a special definition of the word “satire” that applies only to Rush Limbaugh?  Must be.  Ask your mom; she’s the one who came up with that one.

I also fail to understand how depicting an assertive Down Syndrome-affected young woman in a dating situation has anything to do with little Trig.  At all.  No matter how far you try to stretch those two ends, dear, they don’t meet — not even with the goofy “my mom is the former governor of Alaska” comment thrown in.  Come to think of it, I have no doubt that the remark was lost on a large number of people who watched that show.  Fact is that a lot of people out here in the real world don’t know about Trig, and if they did, they’d agree that being afflicted with Down Syndrome is not a thing of shame.

In other words, stop calling Trig a “retard” because that’s what you folks are in effect doing to your own relative.

That’s all I have to say except for this: enjoy your Stupid of the Day Award, cutie.  And do fire your ghostwriter.

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