Turkeys Is Us

Where do they find these people?  That’s all I want to know.

What?  The Illinois Republican party.  (Where?  Illinois, presumably, although they never have seemed to be very clear on that.)  And who?  Bill Brady.  For what?  Governor.

For what, again?  Village Idiot.  Of an entire state.

Why?  Well, because we got rid of the last village idiot (Blagojevich) and I guess the Republicans have decided that even though one of their own (George Ryan) is currently in federal prison on corruption charges…well, that happened a few years ago, you see, so they’re okay.  They’re still better than the Democrats because the whole thing with Blagojevich is more recent.  So there.

Mind you, this is the same party that imported Alan Keyes from another state to run against one Barack Obama for the U.S. Senate a few years back because he was (1) blacker than Obama, and (2) a batshit crazy conservative in contrast to Obama’s oh-so-evil liberalism, which has since, in their eyes, morphed into socialism.

Remember how well that worked out?  Oh YES!  And so they’re trying it AGAIN!

Only difference is that this time they’re running their (locally bred) uber-conservative slack-jaw against an almost equally lame Democrat — Pat Quinn, the guy who inherited the governor’s mansion after Blags was forced to vacate, and is currently taking it on the chin for all the problems Blags and his predecessor created.  So the Rebibs have about a snowball’s chance in purgatory instead of hell this time.

What’s so bad about Brady?  Well, he supposedly has some expertise in finance, but spends most of his time railing against gay rights and promoting animal cruelty.  That is to say, we haven’t heard anything but uber-right-wing crap out of him.  Sound familiar?  You know, kind of like that former beauty queen up in Alaska who yammers on and on about ANYTHING but a real idea?

Does this mean that, if elected, Brady will resign halfway through his term?  We can only hope.

Anyway, here’s my take: having gotten rid of a Mob-type set-up in Illinois government, the last thing we need is to replace it with a Fox News government.  The state simply can’t afford it.

And to the Illinois Republican Party: this is probably just the first of many, many Stupid of the Day Awards.  Take a bow, assholes.

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