Glenn Beck Slightly Overestimates Himself

All I can say is that it was bound to happen.  There’s a certain audience in this country that is just large and crazy enough that pretty much no matter what Glenn Beck whines about, whether real or imaginary (mostly imaginary), he can be certain they will nod their noggins in agreement.  I can often hear the marbles rattling all the way over here.

I could never sit through his show, but I’m now informed that a few less marbles are rattling today.   Why?  Because apparently Mr. Beck has advised avoiding certain Christian churches that speak in code — as if he himself doesn’t — using such really dangerous terms as “social justice.”  In Becktonian logic, which only Beck and the voices that speak to him alone truly understand, that translates into “socialism,” you know.  And so he must cry and rant and warn the country he so loves: stop going to church!

And I bet when he said this he thought (if he does think) that his followers would merrily skip after him down his new Crazy Street.  Right.  Small problem here: reality.

It’s hard to imagine reality getting in Glenn Beck’s way, but here’s some that does: delusional ego aside, Glenn Beck has nothing on Christianity.  Church is home to millions of Americans.  Beck offers nothing but tears as a refuge.

More seriously, the heart and soul of the former “teabagger” movement in the U.S. — the one that ended in a for-profit convention just a while back — is a certain form of Christianity.  The targets of this movement, who likely make up a large part of Beck’s audience, are right-wing Christians who will not stand for any attack on Christianity, even if it means that Beck thinks he can accuse them of “socialism.”  He has, (however accidentally), tapped on a knee and discovered the deepest reflex reaction: (some) Christians are now MAD at him!  Yes, HIM!  Glenn Beck!

Ah-HAH.  But let me temper this enthusiasm a bit.

A lot of bloggers and even some regular media commentators are now wondering out loud if Beck has finally gone too far.  I’ll wager he hasn’t, and quite like the Fat Man, can’t.  Further, what’s being missed here is that some of the Christians who are voicing the most outrage aren’t likely Beck fans to start with.  Those are mostly the ones who recognize that Jesus was rather a huge fan of things like “social justice.”  You know, those damn progressives.

Unlike the Fat Man, Beck does seem to suffer permanent consequences now and then (however, they never seem to stop him for long).  It’ll be interesting to see what the permanent consequences are in this case, if any.  I’ll be watching…but not too closely.  Why not?  Because I’m guessing that the sort of thing Beck said is only considered really, really bad if someone like Elton John or John Lennon says it.  So this is not the last of Glenn Beck.

P.S. — of course Beck has earned the Stupid of the Day Award anyway.

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