So when is the Fat Man leaving for Costa Rica?

The Fat Man promised (or, I guess, threatened) to move to Costa Rica if healthcare reform passed.  And it passed.  And he’s still here.

Hey, I mean he has to stand by his promises doesn’t he?  Like the great leader he believes he is?  For a change?  Please?

If he doesn’t leave, here’s a little ditty for him (with apologies to Russ Ballard and Three Dog Night):

Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?
Ain’t that what you said?

While we’re at it, let’s sing a rousing rendition of the same song for Sarah Palin — not only because she lied and continues to lie about healthcare reform, but because she lies about everything else as well.

Let’s not leave out their fans.  For anyone who faithfully believes these dolts, how about a chorus of “Send in the Clowns?”  Because it really is rich.

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