Goofballs and Thingamabobs

The thought occurred this morning that the Republican Party as we knew it has ended.  It ended a long, long time ago — around the Watergate era, or rather the events leading up to Watergate.  That event was so traumatic to the Republican party that they have never recovered, and have become crazier and crazier to the point where we are at now: we have a political party comprised almost entirely of people who have lost contact with reality.

The past 48 hours, since the passage of healthcare reform, have offered up some prime examples, not the least of which is Fox News and Sarah Palin threatening Congressmen who voted for healthcare reform.  Threatening them.  Not only that, but some of their minions have taken to vandalism.  This isn’t just frightening, but barbaric.  This is not political discourse.  This is what happens when the lunatics run the asylum.  This is the party of goofballs and thingamabobs, running in terror from their own imaginary bogeymen while hurling knives in every which direction.

It’s no matter whom the knives hit, or even if nothing these creatures are so terrified of has happened or is likely to happen.  After all, the healthcare reform bill as it currently stands is little more than a collection of insurance industry reforms that are long overdue; there is no “socialism” to be seen anywhere.

So are we to believe we could have prevented this supposed apocalypse by allowing an out-of-control industry to continue draining our pockets of money in the name of free enterprise?  Were we to continue to trust our very health to an industry that was no longer worthy of trust?  There is no answer, nor is one needed; these critters are terrified and that’s all that matters.

What’s left of the real Republican party — and it isn’t much — realizes this, and they are frightened. What to do for these isolated intact souls is a good question, but when you get videos like this:

it can be interpreted as nothing other than a cry for help.

It seems a pity to let these poor people suffer, but then again, they sigged the demons on themselves.

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