It’s official: I don’t get it

First look at the 10 Ways the New Healthcare Bill May Affect You:  article

Now tell me how that is related to Armageddon.

Then tell me how Sarah Palin is related to any of this.

Then tell me why anyone listens to her?

I guess now she’s rousing up the teabaggers, or what’s left of them, to be mad as hell and not take it anymore.  Again.  Why?  Because the healthcare bill passed (see article above).  I mean HORRORS!  You can’t be dropped, you can’t be denied, your kids can’t be excluded, your taxes won’t go up as a result of this unless you’re wealthy to start with…it goes on and on.  I mean it’s insurance industry reform. It means the insurance companies can’t beat up on us anymore (although I’m positive they’ll do everything they can to screw us over royally before the law goes fully into effect in 2014, quite like the banks did before the “credit card holder’s bill of rights” clamped down on a tiny fraction of their worst behavior).

One shudders to think about it.  Not the bill, the health insurance companies.

Anyway, rabble-rousing is common behavior for Palin (common being the operative word), but can you tell me why the teabaggers still listen to her when she took megabucks for spewing nonsense at their “convention,” then afterward said they were doomed and should join the Republican party?

Leave alone the fact that she’s not making one bleeping bit of sense about anything.

And what is she?  She’s no longer a politician, she has no ideas, she’s not a leader, she doesn’t understand the issues, she makes stuff up, her star is fading except with a distinct minority, and most people in this well-populated part of the country get a bad case of the eye-rolls when they hear about her.  So why are we still hearing about her?

It’s official folks: I don’t get it.

P.S. If you’re a teabagger and are taking umbrage at what I’ve just said, too bad.  Watch this (click on “this,” dearie), it’ll really give you something to get angry about.

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