Please. Don’t Drag Jesus Into This.

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan apparently did a nice suck-up job yesterday at Mass, comparing Pope Benedict to Jesus.

Yes, I am mindful that to faithful Catholics, the Pope is the representative of Christ on Earth.  The Pope therefore must have a penis.  And because he is the head of what has become a large and soul-less corporation, he must also keep deep, dark secrets — you know, like sexual abuse of minors.

Looks like Pope Benedict is almost as good at that as he is at declaring his own flawlessness.  Clearly I missed something in my religious training if I don’t know why that is supposed to be admirable.

And now they are dragging poor Jesus into this…

My religious tradition looks upon Jesus as one of the great mystics and teachers, but we are mindful that he himself warned against worshipping him (Jesus) as a god.  He would likely be horrified at all of this king/prince/pauper/kingdom crap, and all the accompanying injustices that have been going on in his name for a couple of millennia — not to mention all the good ‘ol Muscle-Man SuperHero Jesus crap that’s currently going on in the U.S.

Like I said, poor Jesus.

And to the Catholic Church: you folks have no business comparing any among your number to Jesus or any other decent human being.