Poor little rich girl

Poor Sarah Palin.  Poor, poor pitiful Sarah Palin.

To the tune of $12,000,000 she’s bilked out of the suckers who are born every minute, that is.

Glenn Beck hasn’t been hurting, either.  Who was it said that a fool and his money soon go separate ways?

One article claimed that Palin is making her money “from the popular Teabagger movement.”  I suggest that the movement is not so much popular as lucrative — and that’s because of who it is targeting: the most disturbed and the most gullible.  Most people I know don’t even know there is such a thing as a Teabagger movement, in fact.  And these are hardly liberals I’m talking about.

Enough for today, folks.  As I said previously, there’s an illness in the family that is holding me back from posting.  But sometimes I just have to.

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