Big Wind from Wasilla

This just in: I read on The Immoral Minority that Sarah Palin will be speaking at a fundraiser for Illinois Republicans on May 12…and get this: many of the local candidates are running away from her!

In the case of one candidate for Senator, Mark Kirk, this amazes me because just last fall he appeared to be terrified of Palin and was trying to gain her favor and endorsement.  Kirk is, you see, a fairly moderate Republican and this was during the time that the Wasillabilly was openly threatening Repubs who weren’t, in her opinion, appropriately arch-conservative.

Now he’s avoiding her.  Interesting.

Illinois Republicans were once described by a local news commentator as “the party that could slip on its own banana peel.”  Well folks, you’re missing your chance because Sarah Palin is one hell of a banana peel.  I’m amazed.

And as for the Wasillabilly…I imagine she will draw quite a crowd.  We do have a fair number of teabaggers here, but the majority of us do not do stupid very well.  Crooked?  Obviously we’re hooked on it.  Insane…well yes; how else does one explain Blagojevich?  But stupid?  You don’t last long in Illinois if you’re doing stupid.

The best example of this I can give is a conversation I overheard years ago on ham radio.  There was a gubernatorial race going on at the time, and one candidate was a known crook and the other a known idiot.  “If I have a choice,” said the ham, “I’ll take the crook over the idiot.”

So I’m guessing that outside of the teabaggers, the rest who will show up at this fund-raiser will be well-heeled curiosity-seekers.  Among the questions they may mutter as she speaks:

What is it?

What language does it speak?

Is it delicious?

Is it chic?

Is it Princess Di?  Shall we invite it to a soiree?

No, wait, Princess Di died a long time ago…it must be…


And golly gee, they’ll be right.

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