Big Job Cuts Mean Short Term Gain

No shit, Sherlock.

Remember Old Hollywood?  What they used to do was pay their stars outlandish salaries and then encourage them to spend every cent on lavish homes and toys.  It was kind of like the old company store…everything on credit, to be taken out of a future paycheck.  In the end, when their contracts were canceled, they were broke because the studio owned everything they had.  It didn’t work with a few of them who planned ahead, but the majority of them didn’t.

That’s what happened to the U.S. since the 1980’s.  You know, back in the days when that nice man Ronald Reagan was in office.

Here are some other things that might surprise Wall Street:

There is no such thing as employee loyalty if the company doesn’t return the loyalty.

An economy based on temp workers ultimately does not work.

Homes that cost more than a few hundred thousand dollars are too expensive for the majority of people to buy.  Note: the majority of people in the U.S. earn less than $50,000.00 a year.

People can’t buy stuff at all if they don’t have jobs.  They can’t get jobs if you won’t hire them.  (And oh yes — if the jobs they can get pay less than a living wage, they still can’t buy stuff.)

There’s no sense bringing in more immigrants, especially not in this economy.  It’s a cruel joke.  (For an example of a “cruel joke,” look at Bill Clinton.  He has no idea, and doesn’t keep quiet about it, either.  And do I even have to mention Sarah Palin?)

The U.S. doesn’t have the highest standard of living in the world.  Far from it.  Life is not automatically better for people who come here.  Life pretty much sucks for people who live here.  You can pay Sarah Palin all you want to lie about it, but the fact is that Lincoln was right: you can’t fool all the people all of the time.  And what’s she doing trying to attract immigrants in the first place?  I thought she ran on a racist platform (whatever the term “racist” actually means these days).

Yes, our present healthcare system, which still hasn’t been reformed, is feeding into our economic woes and discouraging entrepreneurship.

You can’t plan long-term if no one else is.

What is Wall Street doing, carving up the U.S. melon?  I think so.  Again, it goes back to long-term planning.  Once upon a time, we were “carving up the Chinese melon.”  China withdrew and eventually turned the tables.  Look at them now.

Some of the people in the U.S. whose lives you are playing with are even less passive than the Chinese of old.  You won’t get to keep melon-carving for long.  My advice?  Stop trying.  Think ahead.

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