Big Wind from Wasilla, Part II

Just a word on the local media coverage of Palin’s blabberings:

(1) I did not know until Keith Olbermann said it that the sponsor of this event was an Illinois firm that specializes in selling battery-powered back-up sump pumps.  So may we call Ms. Palin the Back-Up Sump-Pump Queen?  (To read more and find out what she was paid, plus more about an earlier fund-raiser she did for the IL Rup Party, read this.  Striking that the supporters who were interviewed could not give any specifics about why they admire her.)

(2) The local media did focus on the fact that about 4,000 people showed up and were wildly cheering.  All this tells me is that we have 4,000 teabaggers in the area who are stupid enough to cheer the Back-Up Sump-Pump Queen (BUSPQ).  Considering the population of the area, it’s not very impressive.  Of course, neither is the Illinois Republican Party.

(3) I suppose someone noticed…but I did not see it emphasized…that at least one key Republican candidate for an Illinois office avoided these events.  And no it was not the Rup candidate for governor, who is still struggling with the fact that the world is not flat and apparently has no idea that mass-gassing of shelter animals is extraordinarily cruel. Then again, extraordinary cruelty and Sarah Palin seem to go together, don’t they.

Again, it was very striking to me that her acolytes could only explain their admiration for her in the most general terms.  I’ve also noticed this on YouTube videos praising the BUSPQ; they seem to consist mostly of slideshows: photos of Palin dreamily drifting by while music plays in the background, with the occasional “explanation” of why “liberals” hate her — which of course never makes sense.  The brainwashing is complete, and I’d like to know how she accomplished it.

And now I feel it fair to ask: why are the media trying to force the BUSPQ down our throats?

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