As storm chasing gets more popular, dangers and conflicts increase

As storm chasing gets more popular, dangers and conflicts increase

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I posted this because it illuminates a bit about why there is a need for government intervention: to protect ourselves from ourselves.

Yes I know, such intervention is mentioned nowhere in the article.  But it is apparently under consideration in at least two states (possibly four) in the prime chasing area.  It’s said that they’re now wanting to license storm chasers.

A bit of history: storm chasing as a hobby and a profession has been around for possibly up to 40 years.  It experienced an uptick in popularity after the tremendously popular movie “Twister” was released in the mid-1990’s, and now it has exploded mostly because of a Discovery Channel program called “Storm Chasers.”  Nowadays isolated areas are seeing traffic jams comprised almost entirely of chasers.  It’s unprecedented…and in many places, unwelcome.

I heard one estimate that about half the storm chasers on any given storm are brand-new, and a lot of those have no idea what they are doing.  Ironically, however, the worst safety threats don’t seem to be coming from them (they are usually only a threat to themselves) but from the people who have been in the business a long time.

Again, why is this article in this blog?  Just consider the history of storm chasing and then consider the history of other things…health care and banking, for instance.  It isn’t too far of a stretch, honestly.  Folks, this is how it happens.  People just seem to invite the government intervention that they so claim to hate.

Watch and learn.

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