So much stupid your head hurts

Read in a little article yesterday that Ms. Palin — the big one, not the little wanna-be — is sucking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from suckers all across the U.S…well you knew that.  But maybe you didn’t know that she’s doing it by speaking to groups such as some realtor’s association as well as a bowling-alley owners’ group.  And is she tailoring her canned babble for these groups?  From reports, at the realtor’s convention she just barely did so.  (Yah know, she coulda talked about her Alaska real-estate taxes, but noooo…..)

As for me, I can’t even figure out what her canned babble is supposed to be about — except that it always appears to be the direct opposite of the truth.

I still want to know how she’s landed in this position as a desired speaker, and how long she can keep fooling people into forking over the bucks.  One would think reality would catch up to her, and I have thought that many times.  But it never seems to happen.

Sometimes I wish to still be around in 50 or 60 years just so I can know how history views this creature.  Will she become the new Will Rogers or just another addition to the Whatever Happened To list?  The answer will provide the answer to my other burning question: how far has U.S. civilization fallen?

Christian bitches have a funny relationship with the truth.  For instance, there’s a woman I know who is a pathological liar.  I can’t give specifics here, but to listen to her you would think she’s been a world-class athlete, a famous beauty, and one of Picasso’s main competitors in the contemporary art world.  In reality she’s been an alcoholic loser most of her adult life.

But she hides behind the Jesus thing, and it seems that because of that she has some sort of license to continue being a condescending bitch and stupid to boot.  Although things go wrong for her, they never seem to go massively wrong, and she can always count on the support of fellow Christian bitches (who show very little or no compassion for the rest of us).  And so she is enabled.  She just continues on her merry blinkered way.

Just like Ms. Palin.

Do we have a new industry here?  An industry where we blindly support stupidity as long as it has a Christian label on it?  I’ll be looking into this further, but next time at the Republican candidate for Illinois governor, Bill Brady.  Stay tuned.

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