Greta Van Susteren Has a Fit of Stupid

Not surprised?  Neither is much of her audience.  Read this and giggle.

I must add that every once in a while, I get to wondering exactly who is watching Fox News.  Yes, we all know the Teabaggers do, but I’m talking about the majority of people who watch this network.

Reason for the musing about Fox News is a newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times, which has recently been trying to court the Teabaggers for whatever reason.  To the Sun-Times, all of a sudden the Teabaggers’ rallies are “people getting involved” and “concerned taxpayers”, and “a good thing” rather than what they really are: spoiled brats getting together for a nice noisy nasal whine about nothing in particular that they understand.  ‘Cuz they don’t understand anything.

The Sun-Times hasn’t been much of a newspaper for many years, and its descent to the status of Teabagger Rag hasn’t helped its circulation one bit.  (For one thing, they probably should have checked to see if the Teabaggers could read.)  One wonders why they continue to pursue this.  For instance, recently when the Wasilla Windbag made an appearance in Chicago, the Sun-Times put her on page 1.  Yours truly bought it simply because I couldn’t believe it.  I mentioned this to a store clerk.

What I got was a big smile: “I think she’s funny,” the clerk said.  As in, the clerk couldn’t see how anyone could take Sarah Palin seriously.

Now I’m wondering if there aren’t a lot of people like that watching Fox News.  May we use Van Susteren’s poll to prove it?  And if the Sun-Times pursues the crown of Teabagger Rag long enough, will the same people read it just to laugh?

Anyway…of course, the Stupid of the Day Award goes to Greta Van Susteren.  Take a bow, Blondie.

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