ummmm…that’s stupid

Yep, Bill Brady is going down the typical Teabagger route: he’s urging us not to vote for Lieutenant-Governor candidate Sheila Simon because she’s an “attorney-academician.”

OOOO yes we must beware those who are educated.  It can be very hard to tell them what to think, particularly since our colleges are “lib”cesspools and so all the educated are brainwashed and are the enemies of free-thinkers like those who listen to the Michael Medved show.

Yep, much better to have…well here’s a sample: I was force-fed part of the Michael Medved show just the other day.  His callers all seem to be people who are desperate to have someone tell them what to think (you know…free thinkers!).  And what does he tell them?  Predictable: everything the Republicans do is right and everything the Democrats do is wrong.  No analysis, nothing.  Just sweeping generalizations and of course, Reagan-worship.  (The Reagan part is critical to keep in mind because he is the one who made it okay to be stupid.)

Later I had to sit through part of Weiner’s show.  Let’s just say that guy is nuts. At one point he actually ranted that everyone who agreed with him was intelligent and logical and everyone who disagreed with him was stupid and illogical.  This was just after he reiterated the Birther crap and harangued about how Helen Thomas is “a witch” because she criticized Israel.  How’s that for a towering delusional ego?  I honestly don’t know how anyone can listen to him.  Then again, it works for Glenn Beck.

(An update: Helen Thomas has  resigned — rather “retired.”  Aside from the fact that it’s high time for an 89 year old, one wishes the likes of Beck and Weiner and Medved would be held to the same standards regarding what is “offensive” and what is “not.”)

So that’s what we’re dealing with here.  And so we get this Bill Brady creature trying to make it okay to mass-gas shelter animals because a veterinarian friend of his would find it oh so convenient.  Charming.  And Brady also believes in creationism before Darwinism.  Yup.  That’ll keep us ahead of the curve in science, won’t it.  Uh-huh.  What it really will do is give corporations even more excuses to outsource every job they can, and bring in scores of underpaid immigrants to do whatever jobs are left because “Americans won’t do them” or aren’t qualified to do them.  You can bet on that part.

What we are seeing here is a glorification of stupid, and as I said it started with the Reagan administration.  I can only guess how it continues to roll downhill when it has already reached bottom so many times.

Note to Illinois: We cannot afford Bill Brady.

Case in point: years ago we had a perennially-hysterical state rep from our area.  Her name was Penny Pullen.  She was an early Teabagger.  She saw communism and threats to the family hiding everywhere, that only her eyes could see.  I remember that once she ranted that opening a women’s shelter in our area was “anti-family” because it would allow women to get away from abusive spouses.  She was also the one who came up with the IL state law that couples intending to marry have to have AIDS tests, which promptly drove numerous couples over state lines, seeking cheaper marriage licenses.  She was eventually voted out of office after several terms of screeching about this and that, but not, I believe, before she hinted that her victorious opponent was the anti-Christ and of course dirty deeds had been done.

Note to Illinois: this is just a reminder of what stupid does.

Anyway, a much better analysis of why Brady is so out of touch with Illinois can be found here.  All I can do is repeat that in Illinois, we don’t do stupid very well.  Crooked, yes.  But stupid?  We’ll have to see what happens to Brady if he gets elected.

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