Freedom of Self-Censorship

Just got the news that Helen Thomas has elected to retire in light of her ill-chosen words about Israel.

As I said in the previous post, the other day I was force-fed the likes of Medved and Weiner while on a family car trip.  During those few minutes I heard more offensive garbage lobbed through the airwaves than I’ve heard from Ms. Thomas ever since I’ve known about her — which is roughly since the early 1960’s.

Now, imagine Ms. Thomas as a right-wing radio host being forced into retirement because of that same remark about Israel.  Leave alone the facts that (1) she’s 89 years old and it’s about time, and (2) it would never happen, answer this: would that be a good thing or would we be hearing cries of censorship imposed on poor righteous God-fearing wingnuts by left-wing socialist communist pinko gay Nazis (with the accompanying tears and fake outrage)?  I’ll wager it would be the latter.  Weiner, in fact, called Thomas a “witch”  just before he blamed Obama for her words and then launched into some birther crap.  Talk about a double standard.

This proves my point that right-wing flap-jaws have more freedom of speech than anyone else.  I dare anyone to prove otherwise.


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