That’s It. Her Brain’s Bleached Out.

Have you guessed who I’m talking about?  It’s Orly Taitz, guys.  You know, that thing I thought was a female impersonator when I first saw her.  (I sort of wonder what she’d look like without her bleach bottle and makeup trowel.  But never mind.)

If you don’t know, mostly she’s famous for being a dentist with a mail-order law degree (who, by the way, is not a U.S. citizen by birth)…and for suing people, and that’s mostly because she keeps suing to prove that Barack Obama was born in (1) Kenya, (2) Indonesia (3) Hawaii.  It’s the last one that seems to make her particularly upset; I mean, how foreign can you get?  Sarah Palin came back after a semester of college there, after all, because the place was too diverse.  And then she became the governor of Alaska.

This particular creature had the audacity to run for California Secretary of State, and of course the media made much of it.  They built her up so much in their own minds that she was destined to win the primary, or so they said.  But something went wrong on the way to the state capitol: she got trounced by an ex-NFL football player.  Sort of fitting in a way, especially since Damon Dunn is black and Ms. Taitz is apparently as disturbed by variations in skin color as is our Ms. Palin.

Of course she’s already been eagerly suing him for this and that.  And of course I’m betting that her suits will be thrown out of court, but only after they receive much coverage and not a little bit of credence from the media.

So has it come to this…are our media so out of touch with reality that they try to make a political superstar out of a clown, and then believe their own lies?  Well, we’ve already seen this with Ms. Palin.  Never thought it would extend to someone who looks like a circus sideshow but there you go.  These are the times we live in.

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