Oh Goody, Another Nutcase

And now we bring you…SHARRON ANGLE!  Who?  She’s the Teabagger who beat out the legitimate Republican candidate in the primary in the race for a Nevada Senate seat.

And she’s nuts.  (EDIT: I wrote that at 1:00 a.m.; never a good time to write.  This morning I found out that the other Nevada Rup candidates were pretty loony too.  One wanted to pay doctors with chickens.)

I’ve been pondering this today, ever since I wrote my bit about Orly Taitz.  I’m up in years and this is the first time I can remember this many crazy people shamelessly doing what they do best — being nuts — out in the most public of arenas: radio, television, and far more dangerously, politics.

Talk radio is hosted by at least 90% nutcases and has been for quite a while, so it’s probably not even worth discussing anymore.  And of course Fox News has been an open joke for a decade.  What scares me…I mean, I find this really terrifying…is that some of these people are now oozing out of the loony bins into politics and doing things like running for office, and sometimes winning primaries and even real elections.

This means that other loonies out there are supporting them.  And not just some loonies, but enough of them to make everyone else’s lives just a bit more miserable because they simply refuse to accept the same reality as everyone else.

The question that must be answered is this: when did it become okay to be crazy?  I pretty much know when “stupid” happened, but I’m not talking about that here.  I’m talking about going out in public and ranting like a lunatic and having people applaud.  This didn’t used to happen.  Once upon a time they would just call you a lunatic and haul you away in a straitjacket.  Nowadays they give you money to make speeches that prove how loony you are.

I don’t even know if Sarah Palin is quite in this category.  I think she’s just stupid.  But a lot of her best buddies in politics are loony.

Stupid doesn’t scare me quite as much as loony because…well, look at it this way: you have to be loony to support stupid.  We seem to have a surfeit of both these days in the U.S.  And that is horrifying.

6/15/10 update: No, this is not “disinformation.”  YES ANGLE IS THAT NUTS.  Click here for more details, via Harry Reid.

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