It’s hard to get tough with the boss…

Ah, so Obama is now threatening to make BP clean up its room.  Too late.

I’ve noticed something: since the oil spill debacle began, gas prices — which normally soar in this area in the summer — have declined rather noticeably.  Thank BP’s PR department.  If they raised summer prices like they normally do, they’d be in trouble with the public on two fronts.  As it stands now, they’re only in trouble with the environmentalists, who are generally portrayed by the right-wing media — which a lot of people are dumb enough to listen to — as extremists.

Now if Obama et al succeed in making them clean up their mess, bet that gas prices will soar.  Why?  Because…oh, poor oil companies!  Obama’s picking on them, that mean socialist Nazi Hitler anti-democracy socialist communistic pinko!  You can imagine the mileage Fox News will get out out of that one.  Vote the mean bastards out of office!  Put in a load of oil-sucking teabaggers instead!  Let’s have oil tea, bought and paid for by Rupert Murdoch (but ultimately, US)!

All I can say is, anyone who is pro-oil spill is beyond stupid; you’re also gullible to boot.  Do you really want Rupert Murdoch and BP running the U.S. government (not that they aren’t already, but at least Obama can pretend to upbraid them now and then)?  Yeah?  Well then, the least I can give you is a Stupid of the Day Award.  Take a bow, idiot.

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