The Rise of the Crazy Lady

I was reading in some paper the other day about how feminism has finally succeeded, seeing that in the recent primary election, women won a lot of the primaries — and these were conservative women at that.

I still maintain that being a conservative woman politician is an oxymoron, that if these women were truly living their own dreams for the rest of us, they’d be pregnant and barefoot housewives or retired and reclusive grandmothers.

Instead they are riding on the coattails of NOW, but somehow no one is noticing…or, if they are, they are failing to note the irony.  But then again, I seem to remember a prominent feminist being quoted as saying something to the effect that when the worst-qualified women are allowed to rise to the top, then we’ll know we finally have gender equality.  This must be what’s happening.

As I’ve noted before, it’s suddenly become okay to be publicly insane in the U.S.  A lot of the nuttiest nut cases are female politicians of the Teabagger ilk.  Time was that these daffy divas would have been ridiculed, laughed off the stage at every speech, and finally dragged off to the nearest asylum for good.  Of course, time was that not many of these creatures had the nerve to venture into politics.  Here in Illinois we did have Penny Pullen, but the majority of these lunatics were people like Anita Bryant and Phyllis Schlafly — one a fading entertainer and the other, God knows what — except that no one’s ever really taken the old bat seriously.

As we’ve seen with Sarah Palin, times are a’changing.  Achieving total off-the-wall loonydom is becoming difficult to do no matter how nutty you are.  Instead, the media seem to worship these weirdos and try to force them on the rest of us in the guise of goddess and savior.  Their support is, I suspect, grossly overstated, and even their worst gaffes ignored.

One blogger is predicting that this latest trend will come to a crashing halt on November 3, 2010, when Palin is finally discredited as a political force.  But somehow I doubt it.  The Crazy Lady movement has developed legs of its own and I suspect it will keep on marching to whatever off-beat drummer it has found.  The media are having too much fun with it to let it die from a mere brush with reality.  (I also suspect that if Palin’s hordes go down in defeat, it will be excused in some way as not being her fault.)

All I can say is, thank goodness for the Internet and its bloggers.  Its somewhat harder to push the Big Lie these days than it used to be.  But it’s still too easy.  Just look at all these Crazy Ladies.

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