Comeback date: sometime next week

All is not well yet in my private life, but the stupid in the outside world has built to a crescendo and is making my head literally hurt.  Can’t hold back much longer.  So expect me to resume my irregularly-scheduled rants in the next 10 days.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some thoughts:

(1) don’t believe for a minute that that oil well is capped and all will soon be (pardon the pun) well, and

(2) if I heard this right, Sarah Palin is now comparing herself to Shakespeare — on Twitter, of course (after all, Shakespeare was the one who came up with “brevity is the soul of wit,” wasn’t he? ) .  As I’ve read a lot of stuff in recent years which claims that Shakespeare himself was nothing more than an illiterate peasant — read: he never even wrote his name, let alone plays and sonnets — and his writings were actually created by a member of the aristocracy, well, maybe you catch my drift.  Maybe, for once, she’s right.

(3) Yes, (1) and (2) are related.

And so here I go, temporarily back into hibernation.

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