Of Shakespeare…and Palin

You may have wondered what the hell I meant when I said the other day that Sarah Palin is about 1/2 right in her comparison of herself to William Shakespeare.  (Of course, you may also suspect that I did not mean this in a complimentary fashion.  You are correct.)

I suspect that the real Shakespeare was a village idiot whose name was possibly used by some arrogant aristocrats as a pen name so they could write really racy stuff, some of it critical of government and all of it a laser on human nature, without getting their heads chopped off.  No matter that he was probably illiterate.  (I have a stronger suspicion that he never existed at all, but we’ll leave that alone because Sarah Palin is all too real.)

Now Sarah’s modern-day handlers are in no danger of getting their heads chopped off, since they are the ones who own the guillotines.  But are they using her as a mouthpiece?  Oh, yes.  Only difference, of course, is that her (I suspect corporate) handlers have no grasp on human nature, philosophy, poetry, literature, or anything at all but the exploitation of Stupid.

Think about it: the only time she’s somewhat coherent is when someone else is writing for her.  And she does more than occasionally have SOMEONE ELSE writing for her.

How has she found an audience?  Again, think about it: the U.S., in the early 2000’s, has found itself in a quandary.  Our kids are pressured to go to school all the way through college, only to find themselves labeled undesirable in a “global economy.”  The reasons for this are varied and flimsy; the only thing that rings of truth is that the corporations these kids are trained to work for (and that’s a bit sad in itself), will use any reason, real or not, to hire “cheap labor” from any country but the U.S.  Meantime, they keep importing millions of immigrants to work cheaply right here in the U.S.  So what’s left for those of us born here?  Less and less.  As in, if you’re out of a job over the age of 40, you can pretty much expect to live life on the dole for a large part of the rest of your working years.

You’d think people would see this, right?  And hate Sarah and what she represents?  Well, you’d be wrong.  This is because of the cult of Stupid that was created in the Reagan years and has taken deep root since then.  A large portion of the U.S. population has taken solace in Stupid, even worships it because it excuses them from thinking.  At the base of the teabagger movement, for example, is a fondly-held belief that somewhere out there is Someone Who Will Take Care of Us so we can go on being stupid assholes without any thought of having to pay anything or do anything for what we get.  This is what is supporting Sarah — the Wasilla Windbag is, for some reason, identified as being that Someone — and it’s a pretty hard mountain to move.  (On the other hand, we have the self-described Liberal Champion of the Downtrodden, Blagojevich, on trial and the subject of a non-supportive media circus; as in, everyone is laughing at him.  Why do I mention him?  Because he and Palin are blood siblings as far as corruption and stupidity are concerned, and both are media-hounds — only she will never pay for it and he already is, because he doesn’t have the conservative cult of Stupid to support him.  In fact, he is frequently pointed to as being the poster boy for Whats Wrong With All Libbral’s…you know, corruption and vanity and using kids as a shield, etc.  Saint Sarah would never do any of that, right?  Wrong. Truth is that she has been guilty of all of that, but somehow it has not mattered.)

Now we get to the myth and legend.  For Shakespeare, these built up in the centuries following his death.  For Sarah in the modern age, they have built up instantly.  Honest: I have had some otherwise sane individuals tell me with straight faces that Palin has more qualifications to be President than has Obama.

PUL-EEEZE.  But we won’t go there, except to say that her only qualification — and apparently it’s a big one — is that she’s about 50% whiter than Obama.

The thing is, the right wing has learned that if you tell a lie long and insistently enough, it becomes the truth.  That’s what has happened with Sarah Palin.  Sometimes I think that no matter how long and how hard the Alaskan bloggers continue to hammer away on this subject, trying to get the truth out about Palin…well as long as the national media are not really listening for fear of being tarred and feathered by Fox News and its salivate-on-command viewers, it will not matter.

And so Sarah is indeed William.  I’d just pay anything to be around several centuries from now to see how she’s viewed (if at all) then.

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