Blagojevich Shuts Up

You gotta pity Rod Blagojevich: after months of haranguing about how the whole world was gonna finally hear the TRUTH billowing like a swarm of bats out of his own cavernous mouth at his trial, the judge tells him to shut up and his defense team doesn’t even call him to the stand.

In fact, the defense didn’t call anyone at all to the stand.  They claimed it was because Blags is so obviously innocent; to me, it sounds like they gave up — both on the case and on Blags himself.  His lawyer was quoted as saying that (while Blags isn’t guilty of any wrongdoing, it says here in small letters), Blags is just a lovable bigmouth who can’t help thinking out loud about extortion and racketeering.  Nothing illegal in that, nor in gross incompetence in a governmental post.  Nope.  Further, according to his own attorney, this guy is so stupid that he almost nominated Oprah Winfrey to Obama’s Senate seat!  And you know, the defense wanted the jury members’ names made public (to me it sounds like this was just to intimidate the jury cuz there really was no defense case to present).

Wow.  What a defense.

Note that I don’t feel that Blags deserves any better.  I have said often that I think he’s nothing more than a “liberal” male would-be Sarah Palin.  It’s all there: the corruption, the bullying, the incompetence, the Big Lies (according to Blags, he is the champion of the downtrodden; according to his attorney, Blags is beloved by the whole world), the expensive designer duds, the attention-grabbing, and the kids used as human shields.  Only big difference…well, there are two: as I’ve often said before, Blags has no conservative cushion to protect him from actual consequences, and he’s no quitter.  (UPDATE: I just remembered that there are three differences, the third being that Blags claims to be Jesus and Palin only claims to be his best buddy.  That could get interesting, actually.)

He’s no quitter, that is, until a judge tells him to shut up and his own attorney won’t put him on the stand and let him blabber his claims of innocence out of fear that the judge will freak out at the sound of all that yammering and put Blags away just for being an asshole…or worse, if the judge didn’t do that, the jury just might.

It’s all good, though.  We won’t have any of his blabbering baloney testimony to give us a collective headache, and the jury can decide if he actually is guilty of nice things like racketeering and attempted extortion-type stuff.  From this distance I have no idea, but I think it sounds plausible that he is guilty of being something more than the mere lovable loudmouthed jerk his defense team claims he is.  I’ll be eagerly awaiting the jury’s decision.

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