Out of Help

I guess some news magazine, Time, perhaps, has a shocking cover photo of an otherwise-pretty Afghan woman with her nose chopped off.  Yes, they do that in a lot of countries like that, usually on the slightest suspicion of adultery.  Makes their god happy or something.

Some of our native tribes here in the U.S. used to do that, too.  Apparently their god was very happy about that as well.

Fact is, nowadays we have things like Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle — the American Taliban — who wholeheartedly support this abuse of women and would have it return to the U.S. if only they could.  It’s god’s will, you know.  Women get funny that way; I think it must be related to the Stockholm Syndrome.  I remember a quote from Gone With the Wind that went something like “how women clutch the chains that bind them!”  It’s the absolute truth.  I have no doubt that Afghanistan is full of mothers-in-law who wholly approve of slicing off the noses of their daughters-in-law, and probably their own daughters as well.  I had a relative like that, in fact.  She was an absolute bitch to every younger female related to her, yet demanded that we worship her.  It was her misfortune that she did so in the wrong era (mostly the ’60’s and ’70’s when feminism was at its strongest).  Nobody worshiped her…in fact some of us came just short of spitting on her, and she is now in her grave with her abusive husband with “Wife of” carved over her name.  It was her only accomplishment outside of living nearly 100 years.  (It must be true that heaven didn’t want her and hell was afraid she’d take over.)

Here’s another absolute truth: women have been abused in the name of male religions for eons.   We are not going to stop it by staying in Afghanistan; anyway, everyone should know by now that the REAL reason we are there is not to save the women, but to stake a claim on all those natural resources.  Nobody is gonna be fooled by this claim that we’re there to help the women.  We don’t even like women unless they are misogynous beasts themselves.  Look at Palin and Angle.

And so all I have to say to this article is “bullshit.”  Sorry, we cannot help anyone anymore.  We can’t even help ourselves.

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