Some musings about the Wasilla Windbag

First, if you liked my version of a possible State of the Union address given by Teabagger President Sarah Palin, you’ll probably love this.

Now comes the news that the fiance of Sarah’s eldest daughter has turned out to be more than a bit of a cad.  It doesn’t matter to me; I thought that kid was a monotone-mumbling musclebound moron anyway.  What bothers me is that I did see some national news coverage of this this morning, which in itself is troubling (except that on one channel it was couched between reports on Lady Gaga’s latest outfit or something — which is where it belonged).  One commentator said, “good, now their child can grow up in privacy.”

Um…no.  Sarah Will Not Allow That to Happen, and neither will Wacky or whatever her daughter is called.  (Memory fails.)

Of course they let it slip that 5 minutes after Wacky found out that she’d been two-timed by her fiance, her (ex)fiance texted her asking her if she wanted to appear on a reality show with him.  Of course the “heartbroken” little wench said no…but I imagine, not until after a lot of hand-wringing.  Oh, the publicity lost!  On the news this was made to seem like Levi was entirely the bad guy and what’s her name never did one wrong thing in her life.  Excuse me.  How’d she get a kid?

I do pity the child.  For the rest of them, (‘cept Granny, who already has a Lifetime Achievement Award), here’s a Stupid of the Day Award.

P.S. Here’s an unprecedented add-on for you: FOX NEWS THINKS ALL BLACK PEOPLE LOOK ALIKE (click on the phrase for a link to the article).  Now if they could just get the message that ALL THEIR BLONDE BIMBO REPORTERS LOOK ALIKE, we’d have some progress.  No stupid of the day award here because…well, it’s not only Fox News but it’s ol’ Greta, who already has been given that award by her own viewers.