“I didn’t really had a good answer”

The quote in the title is from the Wasilla Windbag, Sarah Palin.

Neither, Sarah, have the Republicans.  Nor has Glenn Beck.

They could gain a lot of advantage by appearing to side with the unemployed against Obama, who after all, caused all this (if you leave out the bit about George Bush).  But NO…..instead, they oppose all efforts to help the unemployed, even while blocking all efforts to hold their former employers responsible for (1) shipping millions of jobs abroad, and (2) importing millions of hapless-victim immigrants to fill whatever positions are left.  Free market and democracy, you know!

Now one of their mouthpieces, Glenn Beck, has joined in on the chorus, more or less blaming the unemployed for their own unemployment.  His motives are so transparent at this point that you’d think whatever millions are watching him would throw up their hands and walk away, but no such luck.

His blather will no doubt go over well with the retirement communities that Beck so strongly appeals to — nothing like biting the hand that once was feeding you, especially if you haven’t worked in a while and have no idea what it’s like out there these days.  But one has to wonder what will happen in the mind of someone who has been out of a job for over a year and is watching Beck (not that they can afford to, because cable and satellite cost money; he’s probably somewhat insulated from an immediate backlash in that respect).

However, his luck may run out.  Sooner or later, some of these people will start catching on that hey…this Beck guy isn’t in their corner after all.  And neither are the Republicans.  The backlash may happen on election day if they keep up this anti-unemployed campaign.

So Sarah, for a change you are right: they don’t really had a good answer, do they?  And neither have you.

The Stupid of the Day Award goes to the Republican Party.  Beck and Palin are, of course, too hopeless to receive this award.

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