She Said What?

“Dr. Laura:don’t retreat…reload!” etc. etc.

Of course, this is the wisdom of the Wasilla Windbag, if you hadn’t already guessed, or read it somewhere else. The rest of Windbag’s Tweet was something I’d never guess a woman in her mid-40’s would write.  It looked a little more like a tweet from a tweener whining to her friends about a mean teacher in school.

The thing that’s being missed by most people is that Dr. Laura was long overdue for retirement anyway, and no one’s violating her “Constitutional rights” unless you want to consider that perhaps Helen Thomas’s rights may also have been violated when she was forced into (massively overdue) retirement after making an unpopular statement about Israel. I never heard about the Windbag tweeting supportively in reference to Thomas’s unfortunate remarks.  Instead, I reckon she probably hinted that Thomas’s statements proved that Obama is a secret Muslim.  Odd, isn’t it.

Whatever Dr. Laura’s point was…and I still can’t quite figure that out…she violated civility.  The Constitution doesn’t take that issue on, but living in a society reasonably and peacefully does. The two issues, in my mind, are not related.

Another thing that’s being missed by most people is this: Sarah Palin has said some of the most idiotic things ever and no one ever violates her Constitutional rights as far as free speech is concerned. So what is she, some kind of eternal exception?  No.  She’s just stupid.  And she’s free to be stupid.  People are even free to admire her for being stupid.  But that doesn’t take away the fact that she’s stupid.  While we’re at it, let’s just mention “rude” and “bully” in the bargain.  “Bitch” isn’t out of the question, either. Am I violating her Constitutional rights by saying that?  No.  She’d be violating mine if she objected, according to her own rules.

And that’s all that happened here: Dr. Laura violated rules of civility, even by her own standard.  Sarah Palin has no standards unless her own feeling are being hurt.  Dr. Laura did not hurt Sarah Palin’s feelings; therefore Sarah claims that Dr. Laura is being oppressed by “them” who are violating Dr. Laura’s Constitutional rights.

Nice rules if you can follow them.

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