I have a nightmare!

An independent estimate is now in: instead of the 100,000-300,000 estimated to have been at Beck’s Weepfest, a.k.a. Stupapalooza, there were perhaps only about 87,000.

I assume those are the ones who can still afford cable.

Of course, the right-wing mouthpiece blogs and “news outlets” are chortling that this low estimate is “ridiculous,” but you gotta stop to consider that even the high estimate of 300,000 is far short of the estimated 1.5 million who apparently flooded the streets of D.C. for Obama’s inauguration, and who definitely weren’t shipped there in busses funded by some shadowy Teabagger millionaire.

Anyway, this Weepfest managed none of the promised miracles or history, but instead just a display of Who the Lunatics Are.  Sarah Palin (this was not a political event, mind you) shamefully hid behind the uniform on her eldest child — one that apparently got there “or else” after he was caught vandalizing a fleet of school busses…or so the story goes; as with everything shady involving the Palins, this one’s impossible to verify.

Instead of verbalizing a dream for the U.S., Beck shamefully wrapped Jesus in the U.S. flag and presented that sorry spectacle as a cure for all that is wrong with the (according to him) nightmarish U.S.  Yes, just about everything is wrong, starting with that black man in the White House, so sayeth The Beck.  Yet no tangible solutions were offered; possibly because no actual problems were addressed outside of several imaginary ones floating about in one bloated head.  No one even seemed really clear on what the rally was about, for crying out loud.

This is, folks, what No Hope and No Change looks like.  Lovely, ain’t it?  More accurately, this is an example of corporate event-creation.  You know, sort of like those fake fads they try to manufacture before a kiddie or teen blockbuster movie comes out.  Fox News has turned Beck’s megalomania into a side business.

One of the King family showed up, I assume, for the money.  If you believe Beck’s claim that he didn’t realize that August 28 was the anniversary of Dr. King’s historic speech, there was no other reason for her to be there.  There were lots of other black people on the stage, and I’m sure there were grumblings of dismay in the audience.  Beck’s gotta be careful with those whom he is courting as he may just manage to get on their wrong side yet in a big way.  He already did, in fact, when he told them to stop going to churches that spoke in liberal code — you know, “social justice” and all that crap like the stuff Dr. King constantly spoke about.  But the outrage didn’t last.

This is what I’m hoping: that he will eventually find a way to show his true self in a manner that even the Teabaggers can’t deny.  That is to say, he will show himself to be just another corporate-funded shill with a massive ego, who is costing them money.  Because that’s all he is.