The Stupid Makes Your Head Hurt, Part II

All you need to do is watch this:


These are interviews with a few of the attendees of Beck’s Weepfest (a.k.a. Stoopapaloosa) last Saturday.

By the time you finish watching it, you should be terrified.  It’s apparent that even though these critters are far from a majority, we still have far too many people in this country who are out of contact with reality because they have been brainwashed by Fox News.  Note that none of these people could coherently answer questions about their beliefs.  None of them.  Not even if they wrote the answers on their hands (which none of them did, but you catch my drift).  Most speak as if they have been force-fed platitudes and when prodded, the platitudes just spill out of their mouths in no particular order, kind of like parrots sitting in cages muttering gibberish.

Now I remember why I usually never watch this stuff: this literally made my head hurt.  But I do believe more than ever that Fox News needs to be investigated, for whatever reason can be found.  They are tearing this country apart, idiot by idiot.  And we have too many idiots for them to be allowed to do that.

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