Follow the Money

Bob Cesca takes a look at the money — and the hard truth — behind Glenn Beck’s self-hype:

Bob Cesca

I had long suspected that Beck and his ilk are largely salesmen following the P.T. Barnum maxim, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”  Looks like I was right: the Teabaggers are nothing but suckers.  Who knew….well all the rest of us did, didn’t we?

An unrelated P.S.: Someone asked me to clarify something about this blog.  They had noticed that I am against mass immigration (on the grounds that it causes social instability and contributes to economic and environmental problems), while at the same time I claim that eventually those refusing to assimilate, will have to.
I don’t deny the apparent inconsistency, but I do ask you to look closer at what I’ve been saying.  I’ll undoubtedly tackle these subjects again in the future, my friend.  Read those posts carefully and thoroughly, and also go through the archives of this blog to read what I’ve said in the past.  What I say does not fit into the category of “right” nor “left,” and ironically, if you look closely, the positions of the right and the left, while on the surface opposed, are often exactly the same.  It’s the third way, the human and humane way, that I’m looking at.  And yes, there is one.
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