Lost as a Republican on Labor Day

I’m sure by now some Republican and/or Teabagger has piped up about Jesus and Labor Day.  Or the Constitution on Labor Day.  Or guns and Labor Day.  Or (somewhat ironically) abortion and Labor Day.

Which is to say they just don’t get it.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Republicans/Teabaggers have set themselves up as the enemies of the worker.  Never mind that some of them are workers themselves; the “bad guys” are always “those other people.”  Who are those other people?  Nope, it’s not Suzy down the street who has been trying to support her 4 kids on a waitress’s salary since her husband lost his job, couldn’t find another one, and finally gave up.  Nope it’s not John who was diagnosed with cancer and was fired from his job of 3 months, which he was only able to find after 2 years of unemployment after being laid off from his previous job, and now can neither work nor pay his medical bills, as he is uninsured.  It’s not even Mike and Nancy who are about to lose their house because they have an under-water ARM for $300,000.00 and the payments just zoomed up above both their monthly salaries combined, and now their employers are talking about layoffs.

Nope.  It’s not any of them.  It’s “those other people.”

This kind of logic apparently has yet to work against the Rebiblicans/Teabaggers, as the Democrats haven’t been wise enough to leap on it.  I mean, too easy — like taking candy from a baby.  Yet they don’t see the opportunity, in a depressed economy with millions out of work and unable to find work, to point out the Republicans’, and the Teabaggers’, and of course Fox News’s (the mouthpiece for both) insistence that all these people are just lazy and looking for a government hand-out.

As one of the people who was forced to leave the skilled-labor sector of the workforce for a service job a few years ago (during the Bush administration), and is now doing one of “the jobs Americans won’t do,” let me give the Rebiblicans/Teabaggers/Fox News the finger that the Democrats won’t.

Mind you I am not a fan of the unions, for whose members this day was created.  I think that too often these days, unions are nothing but parasites.  But time was (just after the last Depression) that they served a purpose and actually created good for millions of workers.

Those times are gone, and so are the union-induced goodies enjoyed by previous generations.  It is not the fault of the current worker that s/he finds him or herself in an economy that does not want to pay anyone a living wage, or pay anyone at all.  That is not laziness; that’s just bad luck and the result of decades of union-busting Republican efforts.  And now they’re trying to bust the workers themselves for alleged laziness.  You know, we’re a bunch of friggin’ socialists who don’t want to pull our own weight.  Yep, we LIKE losing our homes and going on food stamps ‘cuz we’re starving, and doing without healthcare because of that WONDERFULLY EXPENSIVE and EXCLUSIVE private health-care system that hasn’t changed one whit since reform was passed — perhaps partially because of all those lovely Republican governors who are trying to sue reform out of existence at taxpayers’ expense.

Nice work if you can get it, darlings, but what goes around comes around.  If you’re a Rebiblican/Teabagger or are a rabid fan of Fox News, may it catch up with you faster than you can shout “hallelujah,” even if the Democrats never catch on — because many of the rest of us will.

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