“A Panic Based on a Hoax”

Just overheard some braying that I thought to be the Fat Man shooting off his blobby mouth about global warming, calling it “a panic based on a hoax.”

How ironic.  Doesn’t that describe the entire Teabagger cult?  And the Fat Man himself?

Honestly, while I believe “global warming” is a horrendous misnomer for what’s going on with the weather, the fact is that something is going on, and it’s naive to an extreme to claim that 6 billion human beings are having no impact on the environment.

Oddly enough, some of these warming-deniers are the same ones who howl about illegal immigrants and mass immigration damaging our environment.  Why are they so concerned about the environment at the same time that they are so militant about ignoring the weather?

Think about that a while; if you do, it proves you can — which is more than I can say for the people who are saying these things, and much more than I can say for those who hang onto their every word.

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