Three Strikes, You’re Out

..or at least, I hope so.

What am I  blabbering about this time, you ask?  Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, I answer.  As in: yesterday, September 11, was the 2nd important national anniversary these two have attempted to hijack, and it was the second failure.

I’m waiting for number 3, betting that it will knock Beck out of the game.  We can be thankful for that small favor if and when it occurs.

As for Palin?  Nothing will knock her out.  I saw pictures of old ladies who appeared as giddy at her appearance yesterday as they probably were over the Beatles in the mid-1960’s (before John Lennon said that awful thang ’bout Jesus, that is).  No, you cannot erase that sort of fandom.  They do and will luv her 4-ever.  The best we can do is minimize the idiocy.

How to do that?  In the moments before I looked in on the Alaskan blogs for the latest news, I briefly thought that Beck/Palin were a Presidential political ticket, and this had been announced at that expensive rally in Alaska where some miraculous news was to be made (quite like Stoopapalooza was supposed to be a historical event).  “Great,” I thought, believing that such a full-scale collision with reality would forever minimize any real impact this Teabagger dream team might have.

And that’s what’s needed here.  To minimize Palin, she needs to be forced to deal with reality.  Not the reality she tries to create (and it succeeds with a determined minority) in which she is the luminous Queen Esther destined to save the U.S. from a horrible fate.  No, I’m talking about the actual realities the whole country is experiencing. Can you imagine Palin finding enough platitudes to throw at all that?  No.  Not even she can — at least not to the satisfaction of her “lame-stream media,” let alone real Americans and not just her blinkered little gang of them.  Such an experience would hardly be the end of her, but it would show her for what she is: Mama-Grizzly Barbie for President.  That is: something that isn’t going to happen.

That said, I was completely prepared to announce my own dream team of Sponge Bob and Lucy Van Pelt if in fact Beck/Palin (or Palin/Beck) had actually been announced yesterday.  That is to say that I see no difference between a Palin/Beck ticket and and one with two cartoon characters.

Anyway, as for the traveling Beck/Palin “historical event” circus, I suspect they have one more chance to steal a national anniversary and make actual history before that game is over and almost all of us get back to the business of dealing with reality.

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