“Authentically Dishonest”

I’ve noted this about wingnuts: when they hear something they don’t like, they instantly label either the source or the communicator “dishonest.”  Their proof is never more than their own conjecture, which is always so off-target as to be from another planet, and a wayward one at that.

On a very small scale, I had this done to me by a crazed Ann Coulter fan a few years back.  On a much larger scale, Newt Gingrich has just done the same to Barack Obama: called him “authentically dishonest” and hinted that Obama is just play-acting and has a deep, dark anti-American agenda.  You know, like so dark the guy’s skin is actually black.

Like the Crazy Ladies who pepper the Teabagger/Rebiblican party these days, it seems Newt can’t possibly go too far with his rhetoric.  He has a rapt media to report on his insanity and gosh, all those teabaggers out there in the populace who just soooo want this sort of thing to be true that they will believe anything, just anything but Obama’s birth certificate.  And so Newt walks away with his dignity intact no matter how crazy he gets — just like Sarah, Michelle, Sharon, and goodness knows how many other political Crazy Ladies these days.

And heck…the Fat Man has been doing it for years.  He may become known as the father of the Crazy movement that’s now sweeping the bowels of the U.S.

But let’s get back to Newt for a moment, since I can only handle one sickness at a time.

Let’s talk about “authentically dishonest” for a moment.

Newt Gingrich is apparently not his birth name, for starters; he owes it to a pet nickname from his mother and the last name of his stepfather.  Funny that we hear very little about his name, given the Birthers’ obsession with Obama’s origins.  Odd how that doesn’t apply equally to everyone in public life.  But it gets much, much better than that.

According to sources, Mr. God and Country started off life as a love child, then had an affair with a high-school teacher (while he was her student), married her, then deserted her and their children — telling her he was divorcing her while she was in the hospital undergoing cancer treatment.

Here’s an excerpt from Salon about that marriage:

Jackie Gingrich raised the daughters, worked to put Newt through graduate school and was a loyal political wife during his two unsuccessful campaigns for Congress in 1974 and 1976. In his make-or-break 1978 race, Gingrich enlisted Jackie to attack his female opponent, who had announced that if elected she would commute to Washington and allow her family to remain in Georgia. At Gingrich’s instigation, Jackie wrote a campaign letter declaring that Newt was a fine husband and would take his family with him, although his top aides already knew Gingrich was having affairs and the marriage was falling apart

One affair with some woman along the way included oral sex, or was limited to it — therefore Gingrich claimed that it was not an affair.  Or something like that.

He’s been through one or two marriages since then.  Ah, the sanctity of marriage.

And then there was that whole Contract on America thing. You know, where the Rebiblicans were gonna set America on the straight and narrow by carving Ronald Reagan’s image into Mount Rushmore.  That was about the extent of their “plan,” as I remember.  And no, I don’t remember signing any contract.

Around this time Gingrich was threatening to remove government support of Public Television because they were too “left wing.”  Public Television responded by running a documentary on Gingrich, complete with photos of him striking heroic poses on the steps of the Capitol.  Gingrich was mollified and turned his attentions elsewhere for a bit (mind you this is all straight from memory and may contain some inaccuracies).

I’m only brushing the surface here.  There’s much more to tell, but Gingrich is patently not worth the effort.

To put it briefly, Newt Gingrich is no hero and he has no business blathering about anyone else’s honesty or lack of it.  He’s lying just by doing it.  He’d do us all a favor just by crawling back under his rock, which he already did once.  But now I guess the snake has sensed that it’s more than safe to come out and be, in his own words, “authentically dishonest.”

May the teabaggers find out that he has a Ph.D. and was a college professor, and hold it against him (cultural elite, anyone?).  That would be authentically delicious.  Sadly, I doubt they would believe it.  It’s too authentically real, after all; no doubt they’d drag out that “dishonest” tag again to fend it off, along with the rest of reality.


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