False Truths

Yes I know this article, Eight False Things the Public “Knows” Prior to Election Day (click on title), has been posted widely on Facebook, and everyone is on Facebook, so you’ve already read it.  But read it again.

One other observation before I sign off for today: last week while visiting a relative who is addicted to right-wing radio shriekers, I overheard one of the shriekers (doesn’t matter which one) say that OF COURSE Obama isn’t responsible for the financial mess the nation is in.  But, Bush didn’t do it either.  The guilty party?  NANCY PELOSI!!!!!

Oh PULEEEZE….why don’t you just point fingers at Gloria Steinem while you’re at it?  Don’t get me started because I don’t have that much time to write today, and that kind of idiocy isn’t worth my time anyway.  What galls me, though, is that these shriekers state this sort of thing as fact and move on, usually giving slim or none-but-hearsay as evidence, as was the case in this episode.  I’ve even heard them, more than once, state thing like, “Obama is a Muslim and was born on Pluto” as if it were fact and then quickly move on to something else, as if one of their blinkered listeners would be sharp enough to catch the stage-knife jab.  Of course they do this all the time — they have to keep repeating the Big Lie just to refill the empty kettles between the ears of the addle-brained before some actual truth starts to seep in from somewhere else.

I wonder when I’ll hear one of them admit to being an idiot and move on just as quickly?  But I’m not holding my breath.

Crazy Ladies and Just Plain Stupid

Here’s an update that you probably don’t need because it’s all, of  course, big news:

(1) Sharron Angle thinks that Hispanics look Asian.  She said so to a large roomful of Hispanic teenagers.  While certain research may prove her to be partially correct, she would probably reject it as it undoubtedly involves science…you know DNA and that kinda stuff.  Ironic, isn’t it.  And dumb.  I mean, why the hell bother with it unless you’re a racist or something.

(2) Christine O’Donnell has no idea that the First Amendment bars the imposition of a state religion.  In fact, she questioned this in front of a roomful of law students.  Dumb, isn’t it.  And yet, the glaring lesson apparently didn’t sink in.  She still has no idea in spite of being sharply corrected by her opponent — or if she has, she’s concluded that the Constitution is unconstitutional.

Neither has been forced from her respective race for being stupid, either.  Outrageous, isn’t it.

And now for the crowning achievement: our eternal honorary Crazy Lady, Fat-Face (a.k.a The Fat Man — or Limbaugh if you haven’t caught on) thinks that Obama looks “demonic.”  I think I’ll just call that one outright stupid, because it is.  No further comment necessary.

You’d better keep quiet about unicorns when…

Just a short post here: am I alone in finding it deeply ironic that “Queen Ester” Palin is giggling about Democrats living on “unicorn ranches spreading pixie dust around” (she actually did say something like that recently), when she herself is…well…Queen Ester?  And her clone, Christine O’Donnell, feels the need to go on TV and assure Delaware that she’s not a witch (which, of course, totally depends on the definition of “witch”)?

Best to keep quiet about unicorns, sister.

A choice between a moron and a crook

I think I’ve mentioned before a long-ago conversation overheard between two ham radio operators.  They were discussing the then-current election of an Illinois governor.  I don’t remember who the candidates were, but basically the choice was between a moron and a crook.  One of the hams said, “when it comes down to a choice between a moron and a crook, I’ll take the crook.”  And so Illinois did.  Obviously we have a long history of doing so; look at the number of ex-governors who have criminal records.

And here we are again, although this time it’s harder to tell who is the crook and who is the moron.  For governor, we have a choice between Governor Quinn (Democrat), who was thrust into the governor’s seat when you-know-who was impeached, and has a few of the usual questions about his own history.  He hasn’t done much since attaining the office, but I’ll give him some slack here: he hasn’t had much to work with.  Illinois is nearly bankrupt.

His opponent is a just-barely-closeted teabagger/flat-worlder who believes in animal torture and is totally anti-abortion, not that that matters a hell of a lot to a bankrupt state.  His qualifications, such as they are, seem to be that he is some sort of businessman.  But there are questions about that.

There are similar questions about U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Alexei Giannoulias, at least on the business end.  He is, you see, part owner of a bank that failed because of questionable mortgage loans.  As far as vote-pandering is concerned, his continual drone about being the son of hard-working immigrants bears an uncomfortable echo of the similar blather of Blagojevich, the perennial Son of Immigrants and also son of something else.  It seems that being the kid of an immigrant is some sort of ticket to sainthood these days, even though it often seems to work out quite another way when some misdeed is revealed.

All that would seem to make the choice easy, right?  I mean, Alexei’s obviously a crook.  Who could vote for him?  Remember that you are in Illinois and it ain’t so simple.

His opponent, Mark Kirk, has been revealed to be a lying moron.  He parrots indefensible teabagger talking points and lies about his military career.  He courted Sarah Palin’s blessing, then fled her, and now doesn’t talk about it.  He can’t seem to decide on his positions until he reads them on some teabagger website; he doesn’t actually seem to believe in anything but getting elected.  There is no nice way to put it; the guy’s bad news.

The way I see it, Illinois has the usual bad choices this election season, between crooks and morons.  It doesn’t feel very good to root for the crooks once again, but for crying out loud, look at the opposition.

Mark Kirk’s Military Record

Mark Kirk on Heathcare Reform

On balance, it’s fairly made up

Fox News creates its own alternate reality:

And for some facts these poor teabaggers definitely hadn’t been told by Fox, read THIS (click on THIS).

Reason I’m bringing this up is that some recent polls seemed to show that most people in the U.S. are “against Obamacare.”  Now, I question that since I don’t know how the polls were conducted or what questions were asked; I suspect that a lot of pollsters also create their own news by skewing things a bit.  But the thing is, if you’re an average American, “Obamacare” is a good thing; however, it appears that a lot of us have been effectively swayed by scare tactics.  (For instance, the main Republican line of attack on “Obamacare” is mandatory health insurance.  Now, we’ve had mandatory automobile insurance for some time in many states…why is that okay?)

To me, the only frightening thing about nationalized (or even somewhat nationalized) healthcare is Big Pharma’s increasing stranglehold over the availability of treatments in the entire western world.  They recently swayed the EU to ban all “herbal medicines.”  Now, this presents us with a tangle of problems because Obama is guilty of caving in to Big Pharma in a pact made before “Obamacare” was approved; it would seem that Big Pharma are above it all at this point and can do anything they want without even a government stepping in to stop them.  Them again, the relentlessly ill-informed teabaggers should be elated about “Obamacare” because of the corporate control that Obama gave Big Pharma in the U.S. as part of it, shouldn’t they?  Have they ever stopped to think about that — or about anything at all?

In spite of the increasing danger from Big Pharma, I still say that overall, “Obamacare” could help bail this country out of its economic pit by making U.S. citizens less expensive to hire.  If it’s allowed to fail merely because of fear of the unknown, and even one person goes bankrupt or dies for lack of insurance because of it, Fox News should be held responsible.  And they can take their blinkered teabaggers to hell with them.

Because It’s All About Glenn Beck

Didn’t you know that he’s important enough to have a government-funded conspiracy against him, involving MICKEY MOUSE???

(Note to Beck: in your dreams, Hoss.  And here’s a non-government-funded Stupid of the Day Award for you.)

WTF Thursday

Some stuff that passes for news today:

(1) Lou Dobbs, the perennial enemy of illegal aliens, was revealed recently to have hired illegals to care for his lawn and his horse(s).

Mind you I am no fan of illegal immigration either, but I have never hired an illegal.  Nor will I.  No, I do not hate people.  I’ve recently seen the damage that hate can do to one’s life (perhaps more on that in another post).  Illegals are not worth that kind of effort to me.  It’s just that there are numerous human costs associated with illegal immigration that its proponents refuse to recognize.  For the purposes of this post I’ll just say that it’s not a good thing and should not be encouraged.

Anyway, Lou Dobbs…we’ll leave it at saying he’s a jerk.  I might add a quick “I told you so,” even though I didn’t, but should have.

(2) Right-wing Christian Leaders Align Themselves with Islam Once Again!  “HUH?” you ask.  And I say, “oh yes!”  You see, they want to ban the use of yoga by Christians because it’s…well…unChristian.  Kinda like those Muslim clerics who complain that yoga is unMuslim.

Fine.  Christians can go around wondering why they have coffee nerves even though they threw it all in Jesus’ lap, and they need to become alcoholics to calm down.  Muslims can go around carrying a world of anger and slight on their shoulders.  I’d leave the histrionics to the hysterics, and take the lotus position over all that crap any day…if only I could get over shouting WTF????

You Must Read This

Particularly if you’ve ever felt one minute’s worth of sympathy for the likes of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Sharron Angle, or Christine O’Donnell, the Fab Four of the Crazy Lady movement, you must read this:

The Very Useful Idiocy of Christine O’Donnell

This issue of “faux populism” needs to be discussed a lot more than it has been, because it cuts to the heart of the Crazy Lady movement, and indeed the whole Teabagger cult.  The one undeniable truth is that we are actually in danger from those nice billionaires who are propping the whole thing up, but not as much danger as we face from our own gullibility.

The reason Teabaggers are programmed to be anti-knowledge is that knowledge would destroy the Teabagger movement.  So I say, don’t be afraid of it.  Educate yourself.  Trust me, the more you know, the less Teabaggery you will become.  And that’s a good thing.

Inequality in Stupid

Well, that was going to be my theme, anyway.  But now I’m rather doubting it.

Why?  Because of Rick Sanchez (ex-CNN anchor; fired for calling Jon Stewart a “racist”).  I was all ready to point out that Sanchez was only incoherently wrong ONCE and he lost his job, and look at the Fat Man, who is both incoherent and wrong every day and under no threat from anyone for being incoherent and wrong.  In fact, according to his own claims, about 30,000,000 people love him for being wrong.  Then again, he could be wrong.  But the fact is, even if he is wrong, no one seems to care.  That’s incoherence for yuh.

And so I thought ah-HAH, poor Sanchez, not being a conservative radio barker, he only gets to be wrong once and he’s gone.  Well, I was wrong.

Turns out Sanchez had screwed up quite a bit in the past, including a deadly drunk-driving encounter, and still had his career intact.  That it took an attack on Jon Stewart to get him bounced off CNN, does say a little about the state of things.

The only thing I can glean from it all is that (1) Stewart is indeed Jewish, and (2) yes, there are a lot of Jews in media, but (3) no, I don’t see much megalomania there, particularly not in Stewart’s case.  This is where Sanchez’s diatribe became totally incoherent.  I’m guessing he was depending on being Hispanic being more sympathetic than being Jewish?  Well, he was wrong.  And he was stupid.  And it was finally too much stupid for CNN to put up with.

So there is an inequality here, but it isn’t hidden anywhere in some mythical Jewish vs. Hispanic sympathy quotient (I mean, crap, what do you do with a Hispanic Jew?).  It’s all in the stupidity quotient.  See, you’ve got the Fat Man on the radio every day, and the Whiner (who is Jewish), and countless others braying all sorts of stupid over the airwaves day after day after day, year after year after year.  The blood-pressure meds never seem to run out, nor does the stupid.  They just bray and their acolytes nod their noggins in agreement.  And nothing ever happens to them, no matter how stupid they get.  (Okay, so once in a great while one of them is forced to quit, gets banned from visiting a foreign country, or gets forced into retirement.  So what.  The rest of them are still there.)  Meantime, Sanchez invents one tangle of non-logic about Stewart and he’s gone.

It’s a weird world, ain’t it.  Oh well.  One thing remains steadfast: I’m awarding Sanchez the Stupid of the Day Award.  But it’s only because he worked for CNN, which was (so to speak) responsible for his content even if he was not, and because of that he got caught.