WTF Thursday

Some stuff that passes for news today:

(1) Lou Dobbs, the perennial enemy of illegal aliens, was revealed recently to have hired illegals to care for his lawn and his horse(s).

Mind you I am no fan of illegal immigration either, but I have never hired an illegal.  Nor will I.  No, I do not hate people.  I’ve recently seen the damage that hate can do to one’s life (perhaps more on that in another post).  Illegals are not worth that kind of effort to me.  It’s just that there are numerous human costs associated with illegal immigration that its proponents refuse to recognize.  For the purposes of this post I’ll just say that it’s not a good thing and should not be encouraged.

Anyway, Lou Dobbs…we’ll leave it at saying he’s a jerk.  I might add a quick “I told you so,” even though I didn’t, but should have.

(2) Right-wing Christian Leaders Align Themselves with Islam Once Again!  “HUH?” you ask.  And I say, “oh yes!”  You see, they want to ban the use of yoga by Christians because it’s…well…unChristian.  Kinda like those Muslim clerics who complain that yoga is unMuslim.

Fine.  Christians can go around wondering why they have coffee nerves even though they threw it all in Jesus’ lap, and they need to become alcoholics to calm down.  Muslims can go around carrying a world of anger and slight on their shoulders.  I’d leave the histrionics to the hysterics, and take the lotus position over all that crap any day…if only I could get over shouting WTF????


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