A choice between a moron and a crook

I think I’ve mentioned before a long-ago conversation overheard between two ham radio operators.  They were discussing the then-current election of an Illinois governor.  I don’t remember who the candidates were, but basically the choice was between a moron and a crook.  One of the hams said, “when it comes down to a choice between a moron and a crook, I’ll take the crook.”  And so Illinois did.  Obviously we have a long history of doing so; look at the number of ex-governors who have criminal records.

And here we are again, although this time it’s harder to tell who is the crook and who is the moron.  For governor, we have a choice between Governor Quinn (Democrat), who was thrust into the governor’s seat when you-know-who was impeached, and has a few of the usual questions about his own history.  He hasn’t done much since attaining the office, but I’ll give him some slack here: he hasn’t had much to work with.  Illinois is nearly bankrupt.

His opponent is a just-barely-closeted teabagger/flat-worlder who believes in animal torture and is totally anti-abortion, not that that matters a hell of a lot to a bankrupt state.  His qualifications, such as they are, seem to be that he is some sort of businessman.  But there are questions about that.

There are similar questions about U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Alexei Giannoulias, at least on the business end.  He is, you see, part owner of a bank that failed because of questionable mortgage loans.  As far as vote-pandering is concerned, his continual drone about being the son of hard-working immigrants bears an uncomfortable echo of the similar blather of Blagojevich, the perennial Son of Immigrants and also son of something else.  It seems that being the kid of an immigrant is some sort of ticket to sainthood these days, even though it often seems to work out quite another way when some misdeed is revealed.

All that would seem to make the choice easy, right?  I mean, Alexei’s obviously a crook.  Who could vote for him?  Remember that you are in Illinois and it ain’t so simple.

His opponent, Mark Kirk, has been revealed to be a lying moron.  He parrots indefensible teabagger talking points and lies about his military career.  He courted Sarah Palin’s blessing, then fled her, and now doesn’t talk about it.  He can’t seem to decide on his positions until he reads them on some teabagger website; he doesn’t actually seem to believe in anything but getting elected.  There is no nice way to put it; the guy’s bad news.

The way I see it, Illinois has the usual bad choices this election season, between crooks and morons.  It doesn’t feel very good to root for the crooks once again, but for crying out loud, look at the opposition.

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