Crazy Ladies and Just Plain Stupid

Here’s an update that you probably don’t need because it’s all, of  course, big news:

(1) Sharron Angle thinks that Hispanics look Asian.  She said so to a large roomful of Hispanic teenagers.  While certain research may prove her to be partially correct, she would probably reject it as it undoubtedly involves science…you know DNA and that kinda stuff.  Ironic, isn’t it.  And dumb.  I mean, why the hell bother with it unless you’re a racist or something.

(2) Christine O’Donnell has no idea that the First Amendment bars the imposition of a state religion.  In fact, she questioned this in front of a roomful of law students.  Dumb, isn’t it.  And yet, the glaring lesson apparently didn’t sink in.  She still has no idea in spite of being sharply corrected by her opponent — or if she has, she’s concluded that the Constitution is unconstitutional.

Neither has been forced from her respective race for being stupid, either.  Outrageous, isn’t it.

And now for the crowning achievement: our eternal honorary Crazy Lady, Fat-Face (a.k.a The Fat Man — or Limbaugh if you haven’t caught on) thinks that Obama looks “demonic.”  I think I’ll just call that one outright stupid, because it is.  No further comment necessary.


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