False Truths

Yes I know this article, Eight False Things the Public “Knows” Prior to Election Day (click on title), has been posted widely on Facebook, and everyone is on Facebook, so you’ve already read it.  But read it again.

One other observation before I sign off for today: last week while visiting a relative who is addicted to right-wing radio shriekers, I overheard one of the shriekers (doesn’t matter which one) say that OF COURSE Obama isn’t responsible for the financial mess the nation is in.  But, Bush didn’t do it either.  The guilty party?  NANCY PELOSI!!!!!

Oh PULEEEZE….why don’t you just point fingers at Gloria Steinem while you’re at it?  Don’t get me started because I don’t have that much time to write today, and that kind of idiocy isn’t worth my time anyway.  What galls me, though, is that these shriekers state this sort of thing as fact and move on, usually giving slim or none-but-hearsay as evidence, as was the case in this episode.  I’ve even heard them, more than once, state thing like, “Obama is a Muslim and was born on Pluto” as if it were fact and then quickly move on to something else, as if one of their blinkered listeners would be sharp enough to catch the stage-knife jab.  Of course they do this all the time — they have to keep repeating the Big Lie just to refill the empty kettles between the ears of the addle-brained before some actual truth starts to seep in from somewhere else.

I wonder when I’ll hear one of them admit to being an idiot and move on just as quickly?  But I’m not holding my breath.

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