Sorry for the long silence

…I was on vacation last week, and being too overwhelmed with stupid to be able to single out one aspect of stupid and comment on it, I just decided to take a brain vacation as well.  I’m sure tomorrow will bring one single STUPID that is so stupid that I can’t help but to make a remark or two.  Happy voting.  And please don’t be stupid.   (There is no reason to say that to the vast majority of my readers, and I apologize to them.)


P.S. — if enough Teabaggers get into Congress, I will turn this blog — at least temporarily — into the blog version of Stephen Colbert’s tv show.  That is to say, I’ll become a fake right-wing blogger and feel free to state the most ridiculous things as the truth, and see how many followers I pick up.  Stay tuned.  And if you’re a long-time reader and I have to keep my vow to do this, please don’t take one word of it seriously.

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